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We're the same folks who own and, the largest of the commercial mortgage portals. If you're looking for commercial mortgage training you should learn from the best. 

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9-Hour How To Broker Commercial Loans Course

George Blackburne's most popular course is now available online! In this 9-hour course you'll be trained in the three major components of CRE finance: underwriting, marketing, and fee collection. Attachments include a copy of George's fee agreement.

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About Us is an online commercial mortgage lender database that connects borrowers and brokers with direct lenders throughout the nation. We've been online since 2001 and now offer an assortment of training programs on commercial real estate finance. George Blackburne III, Esq. is the owner and founder of C-Loans, Inc. and has been in the industry for over 35 years. His expertise and unique training approach will set you up for success like none other!

Commercial Mortgage Full Course Bundle

In this 9-hour mega course you'll:
  • Learn How to Easily Find Hundreds of Commercial Mortgage Loans. 
    Learn How to Quickly Underwrite the Deals.
  • Learn Over 100 New Commercial Mortgage Finance Terms.
  • Get That Confidence You Know You've Been Lacking.
    Learn Exactly Where to Place Your Loan.  Access to Hundreds of Lenders.
  • Learn How to Package Your Deal.
But most important of all, you'll learn how to collect your fee.

Your instructor for this course is George Blackburne. George founded his hard money commercial mortgage business, Blackburne & Sons Realty Capital Corporation, in 1980, and the company survives to this day. In addition to Blackburne & Sons, he also owns C-Loans, Inc., which itself owns three commercial mortgage portals -,, and

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